Train Like Brock Lesnar The Beast Incarnate

Why Does Everyone Complicate Working Out?

If you've watched wrestling or followed any of the sports teams, or fitness instagram accounts then "EAT, SLEEP, CONQUER, REPEAT" is familiar to you. It was created and popularized by the king of promos Paul Heyman, the advocate for Brock Lesnar, during an episode of Monday Night Raw.

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A lot of times fitness, health, business, just about every industry complicates things. Back in the good ol' days we had a term. It was K.I.S.S., not the band, not foreplay, but an acronym for "Keep It Simple Stupid". Some people said "Silly" rather than "Stupid" for politically correct terminology but seriously grow up. The "Stupid" is there to knock some sense into you old school. A reminder that even an idiot can understand.

Eat - The Beast Must Eat

So you want to build yourself into a monster? Who doesn’t? If you don't then you probably want to lean down, get ripped, tone, be aesthetically pleasing in some way.

2 things need to happen to make physical changes on the molecular level. You have to either eat more, or eat less. Add the healthy eating factor and you're going to speed up your results.

I like using the ol' scientific approach of "Energy cannot be created nor destroyed". Not only do you need to fuel your workouts, replenish your energy reserves and build muscle. We're just moving energy around.

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Keep It Simple Stupid Eating

Let's break down eating for you. If you want to look like a beast. Eat like a beast. If you want to look like a bird. Eat like a bird. Duh!

Sleep - The Beast Must Sleep

I'll keep this short. Get your god damn sleep. You don't grow while you train. During your workout you tear down your muscles. You rip them apart like a mother loving savage. You grow when you sleep.

I've trained naturally my whole life and will continue to do so. For the most part of the last 20 years I've made it a fact to try and sleep 7-8 hours a night. While I was a young whippersnapper in university, the beginning of my training days (at 135lbs) I lost a lot of sleep. I didn’t know what was going on in the world it was more like EAT, SLEEP A BIT, STUDY, REPEAT. I promised after university that I wasn’t going to be a zombie anymore. Sleep my friends.

Conquer - The Beast Must Conquer

Conquer may mean whatever you want it to mean. In fitness it's owning your training session. In sports it's training, performing, and or winning the big game. In business it's doing all the bitch work, networking, learning, growing etc. It can relate to anything… however you have to go all out. Conquer that shit.

conquer those waves

Repeat - The Beast Must Repeat

Sometimes people forget this very important aspect. Repeat. Sometimes people forget this very important aspect. Repeat. You get it? To get better at anything you must practice. Whether you are lifting, training, making money - it does not matter. If you want to dominate like a bad ass savage then you must be able to repeat your prowess on a regular basis.

Eat. Sleep. Savage. Repeat.

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