No Frikkin Excuses

Waa Waa Waa Complaint Department Is Closed

I hear many complain about their gyms. They don't have this or that, people talk too much or hog machines. Stop the blood clot crying. Do some work.

Hammer Strength Chest Press with Liono

Stop Being A Spoiled Bitch

The gym I'm at now is a community center. It's got a power rack, a squat rack, benches for bench and bars I can slap 45s on and dumbbells that only go up to 85lbs.

I'm grateful because I trained in my dark, damp garage over 20 years ago. That garage taught me a lot about hard work and tuning out distractions.

At that time, I just starting to lift and was one weak son of a bitch. 20 years later I am grateful because I still have the energy and drive to train, and maybe motivate a couple of people along the way.

Those rusty weights are a part of me... and I think twice before criticizing how the gym I'm at isn't perfect. If I have the time to criticize then I'm not training hard enough.

to lift or not lift

Finding A Solution To Negativity

Should I be negative because my old gym had 120lb dumbbells? nope. equipment was good but energy was bad.

Should I be negative because at my old gym I could do sled pulls? no. I bought a carpet sled to get sled pulls back in.

Should I be negative that today I wanted to get in my squats but someone was in the power rack? No. because this breeds creativity and problem solving. Deadlift time.

Today, I decided to deadlift. It's my default if I cant squat. Seeing an instagram post of a friend crush 545lb deadlift gave me the drive to challenge myself today. Thanks Nick, you monster. At 41, the young studs push you, not only physically but mentally. Lead by example. 100% natural all the time.

So what started with a bit of frustration of not getting my squats in ended with crushing my PR deadlifts with singles of 545, 555, 565lbs (where 1 month ago I peaked at 525lbs).

When You Have Lemons

Just because you have lemons doesn't mean you have to make lemonade. Start with being grateful you have lemons. You can make lemonade while I make lemon trees. Positive energy will lead to great things.

Where am I going with this? my illustration is based on one of my favorite leaders growing up. Lion-O from thunder cats... always lead by example. If you train like a savage then you have the most important gym equipment you'll ever need and that is YOU.

Decided to post this under my motivation section and throw in a past workout for a bonus. It's one thing to listen but you have to start applying and do consistent work.


A. BB Bench Press: 3 x 6 reps
B. Hammer Strength Incline Chest: 4 x 10 reps + drop set

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Stay Savage, my friends.

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