Book Of Savage 4

More released verses from the epic Book of Savage. Be prepared to be woked & yolked.

book of savage: chesticles earth downs

Mortal men do push ups, savages do earth downs. Change your perspective.

book of savage: if you dream of running... hermes

If you dream of running for a free toilet, wake up!

book of savage: shoulder day

Only the righteous with epic shoulders, heroic of spines, & strongest of minds press darkness away. This is Shoulder Day. (Shoulders 3:22)

book of savage: cronus mountain

Cronus was the most powerful of all titans. The biggest ass moves the biggest mountains. Never skip leg day.(Book of Savage)

book of savage: gorgons

The head & ass should never face the same direction. The gorgon will surely turn you to stone. (Gorgons)


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