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I try and post Work In Progress videos when I can. These are just a few edits.

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? ARRR ya Butt Pirates (butt exercise aficionados). . Suggest his BRO name & Name the Exercise. . I think one of the best all around Butt Exercises is the Bulgarian Split Squat. Best part is you can regress it or progress it easily. You can do it anywhere. You can use dumbbells, kettlebells, or even body weight. You can slow that shit down or go heavy. If you're feeling brave you can hold the weight above the waist for added core challenge. You can focus on your quads with a shorter footprint (shorter stance) or work the glutes with a long foot print (wide stance). . You know my goal. To deliver you juicy tidbits of fitness knowledge, wisdom & savage motivation... like nobody else. The kind that takes 2 flushes, a plunger and a toilet snake to wash away. Stay #Savage, my friends. DEEZIFY.COM ?

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