20 Reasons You Should Train With A Gym Entourage

The Advantages Of Working Out With A Partner and Crew

A crossfitter, a bodybuilder, a powerlifter and a strongman walk into a gym... you finish the rest. We've listed below 20 most awesome advantages of training with a gym partner or crew.

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Why You Should Be Working Out With Somebody

1. Ready For A Fight – Justice League Thing

You’ve got your Bud, Bro, Dude so you’ve got that Justice League thing going on. If a fight breaks out, your boys are good to go. With all the testosterone floating around if there’s trouble a brewing then there’s no sweating it. Since you work out like animals you’ll be ready to throw down.

2. The Weakest Partner Will Always Get Stronger

The weakest partner (member) of the group will always get stronger. It’s about survival of the fittest. The weakest link may be lifting in the shadows of the stronger beasts but they will be training with stronger beasts. Strength through osmosis. You’re bound to learn technique and tips with veterans.

3. Easier To Try New Workouts

Supersetting between machines is easier because you can all rotate between machines. But having another point of view can inject some newness into your stale repetitive workouts. There may be an alpha leader but the influence of others will always keep workouts ever changing.

4. You Can Superset Between Several Machines

Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to superset between 2 or 3 machines and some old lady starts using one of your machines. Sure sharing is caring but I’m working on my swole damn it! What a perfect time for a workout partner or posse. Not only can you jump from machine to machine but it’s less douchey because you’re sharing with your buds and it’s efficient.

5. Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Your partner(s) will help you achieve your goals through various methods. The hardest part of working out is staying consistent.

6. Working Out Becomes Fun

Working out can be torturous when you’re really pushing yourself. But those in between set moments are always fun if you’re working out with good people. Be it motivation, knowledge or jokes.

7. Time Flies By

What? 2 hours just flew by? Time flies when you’re working out with your buds. You’re lifting but you’re having fun too. The spike in fun will lead to GAINZ of all kindz.

8. Your Workout Buddies Are Usually Friends

There’s a reason you work out with your friends. You trust them. They are fun. You probably genuinely care about them. Oftentimes, your workout partner and crew are part of your outside entourage. So you’ll be rolling with a bad crew.

9. Keeping Your Form On Point

How many eyes do you have watching your form? The more eyes the better. If your partners are there to help, they will always provide you with the feedback you need. Did you squat low enough? Was your back straight? Were you tipping to one side? The eagle eye’s of your bros will help. Don’t cheat your bros.

10. Competition Makes You Perform Better

I’ve worked out by myself over the past 20 years and there is something said about competing with buddies. It will push you past your comfort zone. You’ll break through plateaus. You may be the strongest one in your crew but when the weaker guy or the young protégé starts getting stronger it will put some pep in the old dog’s step. It’s go time Mother Lovers.

11. Motivation and Support

It’s always nice to have a cheering section. You may second guess yourself but your bros will pump you up to the point of invincibility. You are a super human lifting machine. You may be going for your new PR (personal record) and hearing your boys tell you “You’ve got this” is all you need to hear. On the tough days where you’re lacking motivation, having your partners to push you is a salvaged workout of gainz.

12. Free Therapy

Whether it’s good therapy or bad therapy sometimes all we need is someone to listen to us. Hopefully, the therapy is a two way street. A bad day with the girlfriend, a lousy day at work, financial hardship whatever problems are brought to the gym should stay at the door. But helping a friend in need is a friend indeed. Indeed we all need to be pumped up once in a while.

13. Keeps Your Ego In Check

Having a diverse crew of workout buddies will keep you in check. Even if you’re generally the strongest amongst your crew having others nipping on your coattails will keep you pushing. Having one of your buds out-lift or out-rep you is a great motivator.

14. Makes Your Workouts Safer

Having a workout partner watching your back is a great insurance policy. The more eyes and hands the better. Be it someone watching you have the bar loaded properly or clips on. Be it having a spot or 3 spotters for bench or squats for those heavy lifts.

15. Faster and Easier Plate Loading and Deloading

The more hands the faster the loading and deloading of plates. When you’re lifting heavy the worst part oftentimes isn’t the lift. That’s over quick. But deadlifting 500+ lbs means moving 10 frikkin’ plates on and off the bar. No they didn’t get heavier. A good crew helps each other like a nascar pit stop. Fast and efficient.

16. Brings Variety To Your Workouts

Whether you’re working out with 1 partner or more they will all influence your workouts. Your rest periods will vary depending on the number of participants because of the alternating of working sets. Your exercises will vary based on the participants involved because the opinions of others will influence exercises, supersets, favorites, priority training etc. Your weights will vary because of new found confidence and support. Variety is essential in regards to breaking through plateaus.

17. Increased Commitment

What better way to stay committed but to make a pact with your buddies to kill it every time you’re in the gym. Keep your partners accountable. If they skip a workout ask them what happened. Guilt is a powerful thing. One advantage of using a trainer is accountability. If you bail on your training session the trainer will charge you nonetheless. There is a sense of urgency to make your appointment. Skipping on your partner is an emotional letdown. You’re bound to stay committed.

18. Always Have A Spotter

Never fear I got you covered. Having a buddy ready to spot is always a plus. No need to ask a stranger for a spot who may not even know how to spot. Having your buddy as your regular spot will just make you feel better under the weight.

19. Less Likely To Skip A Workout

It’s always harder to bail on your friends. It’s a lot easier to skip a workout when you’re the only one it’s affecting. Don’t let them down. Be their wingman.

20. Celebrate Your Successes

Whose the first to congratulate you? Your buddy. Everybody wants to feel like a champ. The new records are for ourselves but it’s always nice to be around friends who pump you up and congratulate you. Don’t forget to do the same for your buddies. What goes around, comes around.