BroFC: ILS vs Guy-Bro

The First Two Bros Throw It Down

Welcome to the first BroFightClub, BroFC.

I had an idea 2 months back. 22 years in the gym, 41 years of pop culture... imagine if all the Bros in the Bro-niverse battled each other.

BroFC menu ils

This is the first incarnation. The select screen menu. (This is not a real game. lol. This is purely for artistic fun.)

Are you ready? Are you ready? Get it on!

brofc ils vs guybro

In one corner, ILS Bro (invisible lat syndrome). In the other corner, Guy-Bro (Street Fighter Guille's bad ass twin bro).

Guy-Bro throws some serious Sonic Tricep Meat while ILS-Bro defends it with his Invisble Lat Syndrome Block.

ILS-Bro is all but 170lbs, he's that guy that wears shades in the gym, blinged out and parades around with his lats flared out like he's 250lbs.

The template took me a while to set up but now I can tweak the designs as I go. Stay tuned. Feel free to follow me on instagram at @deezify

Please feel free to contact me with what you'd get a kick to see.

Stay Savage, my friends.