BroFC: Bro-Trooper vs Savage Abe

The Future Clone Meets The Savage Past

Welcome to the #BroFightClub #BroFC 2.

The CrossFit Empire Bro-Trooper vs. Savage as F#ck Abe Lincoln.

brofc trooper vs abe

This is the next fight introducing a couple of fitness caricatures. The CrossFit Empire Bro-Trooper is a  spoof of the cult like empire of Crossfit with a dash of star wars. I have nothing against CrossFit, there are great things in every form of exercise and negative things as well.

Do what makes you happy, just exercise. Don't worry i will make fun of everyone. All the estrogen in our foods is making people way too sensitive. Grow up, a punch in the mouth hurts more than words. If you don't agree, you have never really been punched in the mouth nancy.

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Are you ready? Are you ready? Get it on!

brofc trooper vs abe fight 2

I chose to change the picture ratio to 4:3, similar to the old arcade screens. The picture reads better on phones, just in case people are surfing on their phones. Feel free to follow me on instagram at @deezify

Please feel free to contact me with what you'd get a kick to see.

Stay Savage, my friends.