Exercise Codex 4

This page is a compilation of the newest Exercise Entries to the Deezify Codex.

This is one of my Quad Workouts. Details and commentary below.







Bring on the Quads.

The Joker movie was a nice dark take. And congratulations to Joaquin.

This is a little Joker homage with the focus on quads.

I'm trying to treat some of these workouts as mini stories.

It's how I usually treat my workouts.

I have a general plot or goal and then a deliberate attack.

A busy gym can change those plans but you can adapt if you've got a deep toolset or what I call the Armory (exercise database).

I've included some exercise substitutes in the details.

This wod starts out hard and challenging with front squats. Strength & Size.

Then to the volume of the deficit deadlift. I grab the 100s and hit for reps. It's a nice change since I'm usually a lower rep guy. Depth and Grind.

Finally, finish with the walking baby step lunges. You're going to feel like the turtle getting lapped by the hare but it really targets your quads. Slow Torturous Burn.

I left it at 3 exercises. Size. Grind. Burn.

My favorite books as a kid were choose your own adventure books and it's something I like to apply to my work.

Feed the creative mind. Provide the weapons for your own epic adventures.


A    Barbell Front Squats
3 sets x 8 reps, rest 90s

Approximately 75% 1RM
Build up appropriately

B    Dumbbell Deficit Suitcase Deadlifts
5 sets x 20 reps, rest 60s

Stand on 2 inch plate
Tap the floor with each rep

C    Dumbbell Walking Baby Step Lunges
4 sets x 16 steps (3010), rest 60s

(3s lower - 0 - 1s lift - 0)

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