February 2018 Exercises

This page is a compilation of Deezify's February 2018 Exercises.

These are not full workouts but are exercises or techniques to add to your workouts.

trap exercise: dumbbell shrugs swolo

TRAP KILLER (Traps 2:3)

A DB Suitcase Deadlifts
5 sets x 20 reps - rest 45 sec
tap ground with DB w/each rep

B DB shrugs
5 sets x 20 reps - rest 45 sec
use same weight as previous exercise

Ben Swolo is back with the Traps.

Again, disclaimer, these are snippets from my workouts.

Sundays I like to mix it up in the gym.

Get out of my comfort zone, do some extra work and sweat my sweet potatoes.

The suitcase deadlifts are deep and lifted by your side. Don't be a snowflake and make sure you tap the ground.

Feels similar to pulling deficit deadlifts since the handles end up by your ankles rather than mid shins.

The exercise will light your lower back, glutes and legs up because of the depth. Those high reps strain your traps.

Oh ya then shrug it out since they are nice and warm.

I used the 100s. Pick a weight that's challenging for 20 reps on the suitcase deadlifts.

Use the same weight for your follow up shrugs. Lots of reps.

I usually lift in the low rep range in regards to deadlifts so slipping the challenging 20 reps is nice for blood flow.

Oh the sweet sweet pumps.

I did it at the beginning of my workout but you can add it as a finisher. Of course, the weight will be relative to your fatigue.

If you try it, let me know.

ab exercise: mountain climbers thraex


Mountain Climbers
4 sets x 45 seconds - rest 45 sec
keep intensity high - alternate feet quickly
add at end of circuit or super set

A little change up. Wanted to simplify the design.

Bro name/Title/Focus reference#

Exercise Routine - increased text size for legibility.

Moving forward, I got rid of of all the attributes and added a Difficulty Rating out of 5 stars.

Got rid of the targeted body map since I usually display the muscles targeted on the small coach illustrations.

Want it easy to read and very flexible to edit for posters, cards, etc.

The attempt to make something simpler the more creative you have to be. I call this Creative Resourcefulness.

I received an email today in regards to help for home gym workouts. I'll be putting home workouts on my to-do list.

Many are limited with their home gym equipment. But man, that's when Creative Resourcefulness kicks in.

Gladiator Power Up!

back exercise: lat pulldowns samurai

SAMURAI BACKED (Back Day 2:12)

Lat Pulldowns Wide Grip
10 reps - rest 10 sec, 20 reps - rest 20 sec, 30 reps - rest 30 sec, 40 reps
do not change weight ±50% 1RM

That feeling you get going into Mondays. Don't forget to work your Back, Samurai Jacked.

Another version of volume training. It works well on many machine exercises - for safety reasons.

You will start feeling it on those 30 reps. I always recommend starting conservative. You can bump it up next time.

bicep exercise: dumbbell hammer curls - ferio


DB Hammer Curls
Run the Rack Up & Down
6 reps/set - rest 20 sec

increase 5lbs/set to peak then decrease 5lbs/set down

Sometimes it's about a horrific Arm Pump.

This is one of my Run the Rack Up & Down bicep routines.

Pick a rep range and pyramid up and down.

Stay Savage, my friends.


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