January 2018 Exercises

This page is a compilation of Deezify's January 2018 Exercises.

These are not full workouts but are exercises or techniques to add to your workouts.

shoulder exercise: barbell shoulder press stone cold

Shoulders S.O.B. (Boulder Shoulders 1:28)

Barbell Shoulder Press
5 sets x 8 reps + drop set (3-0-1-0) rest 60 sec
(3 sec lower -0- 1 sec lift/press -0)
drop set= approx 20% drop/set
100%, 80%, 60% 40% - no rest

It's Monday Give Me Oh Hell Ya!

I know I should have put the middle fingers but I know some potato would try pressing with their middle finger up.

Stay Savage, my friends.

leg exercise: kb walking lunges witch


Walking Kettlebell Lunges
4 sets x for distance - rest 60 seconds
use distance as the goal (approx 20-30 total steps)
long stride for glutes - short stride for quads

Leg Day Lunges for all my Witches. Apple of a Hieney butts for the Ladies.

And Bums like Plums for the Bros. You're welcome.

ab exercise: plank rows - mummy

PLANK OF DOOM (Building Bricks 1:20)

Cable Plank Rows w/Handle L/R
4 sets x 8 reps (3-0-1-1) rest 45 sec
(3 sec lower -0- 1 sec lift/row - 1 sec pause at peak)
maintain proper plank throughout exercise
can substitute with resistance band


Get creative while you build those bricks. The plank is for shirleys. You should be past that point.

Renounce your king of the planks and do something hard. Power up that plank with cable rows.

If you're really brave and creative you can try the same exercise but in the side plank. Say What!

Sweet Nefertiti!

shoulder exercise: bent over reverse flyes - gargoyle

GRANITE SHOULDERS (Shoulder Day 1:11)

DB Bent Over Reverse Flyes
4 sets x 8 reps (2-0-1-0)
(2 sec lower -0- 1 sec lift/flye -0)
keep dumbbells inline with shoulders


So I'm thinking of slapping a gargoyle on my roof... to keep the raccoons away.

I've had Rocket Raccoon and his old lady banging and scratching in my attic reenacting 9 1/2 weeks.

So I escaped to the gym for Shoulder Day and this was one of my exercises.

The reason I like this exercise for rear delts is because all you need is dumbbells.

I started training in my garage 25 years ago with rusty old weights.

I like keeping exercises old school when I can. Simple.

Since you will be bent over you will be engaging some core. You're welcome.

As soon as you start sitting or resting your spine on benches you start neglecting your core work.

A week on the machines makes you weak.

shoulder exercise - barbell shoulder press bronan

CRUSH YOUR DELTS (Shoulder Day 1:4)

BB Shoulder Press
5 sets x 8 reps
rest 60 seconds
use approx 75% 1 rep max or 10 rep max


Shoulder pressing the heavens is where it's at, Jack.

I try and do most of my shoulder pressing standing up.

There's just so many small muscles that get fired up standing and pressing weight above your head.

Just remember this is a shoulder press not a push press.

A shoulder press is strict and only involves your shoulders doing the work.

While, the push press uses the hips to help with the initial push. So don't be working your tear drops on this one.

Press the heavens, savage barbarian.



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