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This page is a brainstorm for some of the daily sketches I do in regards to Sled Workouts, Sled Exercises and whatever else I slapped on my sketches.

A quick synopsis will be added under the sketches but the true gold are its embedded notes.

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Forget about the rest of the fitness industry bull shit. I keep it Savage because they can't do this shit.

sled exercise: sled pulls with harness


A1. Sled Pull Forward w/ harness
A2. Sled Pull Backward w/ harness
3 sets x 1 lap (each direction)
- add a plate (45lb) per set
- rest 60 seconds

The reason I perform the Sled Pull Forward & Backward as a superset is I don't need to overload the sled.
I use a portable carpet sled and can achieve a crazy leg pump use this supserset sequence.
This superset setup is especially brutal after a big squat or deadlift day.


sled exercise: face pulls


B1. Face Pull To Eyes
B2. Face Pull To Neck
B3. Face Pulls To Chest
3 sets x 12³ reps (or distance)
-no stopping between B1, B2, B3

The Lat (Face) Pull giant set is a great way to blast the back (your lats) from the top down.
Not only do your lats fire up but so will your traps especially during the the face pull to eyes.
Furthermore, since you're pulling you get a tremendous amount of rear shoulders.


sled exercise: sled chest press


B1. Sled Chest press: 4 sets x 12 reps (30ft)

Who said you can't work your chest with a sled?
This movement is very similar to a bottom's up chest press.
You can adjust your arms by either tucking your arms for more tricep help or elbows higher for more shoulder help through the press.
I used a TRX as the handles, attached it to my carpet sled, and pressed away.


sled exercise: sled walk and carry


E. Sled Walk & Carry (Orc Sled & Carry): 3 sets x 2 laps (50ft/lap)

I wanted to do farmer's walks but how the hell do I make it harder?
Let's drag big weight (drag a body) and carry big weight (carry heavy artillery). Functional training mother lovers.
I call it ORC carry and sled, ORC carry and walk, just simply ORC Strong.
When performing a sled pull as it gets heavier you lean forward using more quads to push through.
However, because you're holding heavy dumbbells and weight is being pulled downward you have to stand tall hitting your posterior chain, the backside of your legs.
My glutes were tender vittles for days.


to be continued...

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