Savage U: Chests & Danglin' Nutsacks

Band Suspended Weights Oh My

Bench Press With Band Suspended Weights

Savage Class is in session.

Quick lesson on how to get more out of your bench.

You really can't go wrong with the basic bench press.

If it's available and we know how on Mondays there's a long deli counter lineup and you have to take a number.

So after your bench for the day try killing those pecs with some band suspended weighted bench press.

I like to call them "dangling nutsacks" because the dynamic bounce, often called chaos training which mimics the bamboo bar.

What happens is the suspended weight will wobble in the X-Z plane (back and forth) while the elasticity of the band adds the bounce in the Y plane.

Lots of shit going on especially if you're explosive or using a fast rep speed.

This crazy, unpredictable movement on top of your standard bench makes your stabilizer muscles work in overdrive.

savage university: bench band suspended weights

Dangling Nutsacks

A. Bench Press - Heavy: 5 sets x 4 reps
- rest 60 seconds

B. Bench Press 1½ reps w/ band suspended weights: 3 sets x 10 reps (1½ reps)
- rest 60 seconds


1½ Rep Technique

So on top of this Savage technique we can add a Savage rep variable... 1½ reps.

The 1½ rep technique for bench equates to one full rep and then half rep from the bottom half and repeat, hitting 1 full rep followed by another ½ rep.

That extra ½ rep at the bottom adds extra difficulty to the lift because the hardest part of the bench press is the lower pressing near the pec.

Once you get past the half way point your triceps aid the lift.

Ever wonder why Bros in the gym don't press down to their chest? Pussies... that's why.

Enjoy your juicy side boob.

Chest Stretch

Thought I'd include a chest stretch as well. As you're probably going to have sore titties.

Find yourself a doorway, power rack or side wall. If you're a wide Savage you can stretch both pecs at the same time.

Otherwise, stretch one side at a time. Hold your stretch for 30 seconds and breathe normally through the stretch.

And don't stretch to the point it becomes uncomfortable. You're smarter than that, Nancy.

Class dismissed.

Oh yeah, don't fall for shitty fit teas.

Teas... teabags... teabaggers... danglin' nutsacks.

Stay Savage, my friends.

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