December 2017 Exercises

This page is a compilation of Deezify's December 2017 Exercises.

These are not full workouts but are exercises or techniques to add to your workouts.

leg exercise: barbell farmers walk santa

MOST SAVAGE WALK  (Strongman 12:25)

Double BB Farmer’s Walk
4 sets x 40ft walks - rest 120 seconds
load both bars evenly with clips
if barbell tips put both down - lift & continue


Holidays are over. Back to Training, Shirlies.

back exercise: lat pulldowns with rope - elf

WINGS, YA BUDDY (Back Day 12:23)

Cable Lat Rope Pulldowns
4 sets x 10 reps (3-0-1-0) rest 45 sec
(3 sec lower -0- 1 sec lift/pull -0)
try to keep rope pulled apart on the eccentric (lower)


Back Gains for the Holidays. Have you ever tried this bad boy out?

From this movement you can adjust it for endless variations:

change the tempo
change the reps
change the angle (lean back a bit)
change the range of motion

I may be the spark but you are the fire, Savage.

shoulder exercise: dumbbell shoulder press - ms claus

Gypsy Volume Training (Shoulder Day 12:21)

Dumbbell Shoulder Press
10 sets x 10 reps
rest 45 sec
use 12 rep max for resistance
use the same weight for all sets


Have you been Naughty or Nice? Probably a bunch of filthy scoundrels. lol.

Hope you made some fitness gains this year. Hope you packed on some beef and shredded the fat, jack.

If I helped in any way in that process, I'm happy. Some nice points. Ca-Ching!

I know I'm just starting. Big plans for 2018. And I wish your 2018 is glorious.

Have patience in the process and do the consistence work.

If you're training now... just put in the work. Don't worry about what others are doing.

Trust the process. Trust yourself. It's easy to get sidetracked or second guess yourself.

Put the bull shit blinders on and forge ahead.

The horde builds one monster at a time.

chest exercise: dumbbell chest flyes chooch

A MEAN CHEST SWOLEZ (Chest Day 12:18)

A Dumbbell Chest Flyes - Run Rack Up
6+ sets x 8 reps (2-0-1-0) rest 45 sec
(2 sec lower - 0 - 1 lift/press - 0)
keep increasing dumbbells 5-10lbs/set to max

B Dumbbell Chest Flyes - Run Rack Down
6+ sets x 8 reps or failure (2-0-1-0) no rest
keep decreasing dumbbells 5-10lbs/set


Don't be a Chooch during the holidays. It's easy to get Soft during the holidays.

It only takes one day... a Chest Day can always jump start the week and get you back in the game.

I earned the weekend off from the gym. I let my body tell me when to rest not my mind.

Your mind wants you to be a lazy mother fucker. Evolution wants you to be sloth.

Those rest days I spent my weekend in front of the computer. Shit has to get done.

Getting the last bits of the shop done. Contemplating a Boxing day or January 1st Launch. I want things done right.

Researching for my 2018 projects: website redesign; patreon site; youtube channel; exercise trading cards; monthly workout plans; & books.

Again, ChestDay is always the start of my week. It's my reboot.

bicep exercise: cable rope curls santa

OH HOLY PIPES (Arm Day 12:17)

Cable Hammer Curls With Rope
4 sets x 10 reps + drop set (2-0-1-0)
(2 sec lower -0- 1 lift/curl -0)
rest 45 sec (no rest between drop set)
drop set - drop 20%/set - 10 reps or failure


Oh Holy Pipes... the veins are popping nicely. During the holiday season don't forget to drop the hammers.

This is a great starter or finisher for your Arm Day. If you're funky like a monkey - add a supination at the top.

What's a supination? As you lift the rope upwards you twist the wrists where your thumbs point outward.

Happy Holiday Pumps.

chest exercise: barbell bench press gainzdeer

REINDEER CHEST GAINZ (Chesticles 12:4)

Barbell Bench Press
5 sets x 5 reps rest 90 sec
use approximately 85% of 1 rep max
build up with warm up sets of 5 reps each
use a spotter if needed


If you want to lead the pack, you can't be afraid to fail.

Whether it's in the gym, in business or personal development, risks have to be taken.

If you don't have the balls to step outside your comfort zone, who will?

The "Gainz" are often in the dangerous uncharted 5th dimensional planes.

People who lift understand how lifting and training prepares them for all aspects of life.

Gym tip of day for the young or new lifters is: if you're lifting in that 10 rep comfort zone don't be afraid to work in the lower rep zone once in a while.

Just be smart. Build up confidently and use a spotter. Help each other. Lead by example.

As for business, I'm not an expert in the least. I know what I don't want to do and what drives me. It's been very organic for me.

I was sick of all the bull shit fitness nonsense and generic cookie cutter delivery. But that's a rant for another day.

Could I be better? Yes.

Is it enough to be better? No.

Is being different better than being better? Fuck Ya.

As others are doing "Tricks, Flips & Dick Pics" for attention, I'll carve out my own path.

The meek follow the paint by numbers yellow brick road formula.

The daring detour into the jungle just because they follow the internal beat of their own war drums.

The jungle is thick. But is it thicker than you, Shirley?

Don't be afraid to make your own path. Choose your own adventure.

We all take turns leading and following in the Horde.

A small light is enough to brighten the darkness.

Be prepared for its responsibilities, its sacrifices and its glory.

chest exercise: dumbbell floor press orc

Pressin’ The Heavens (Chesticles 11:27)

Dumbbell Floor Chest Presses
4 sets x 8 reps (2-0-1-0)  rest 45 sec
(2 sec lower - 0 - 1 sec lift/press - 0)
lay on floor with knees bent or flat
shoulder friendly chest press movement


If you've got shoulder issues, try adding some floor chest presses to your mix.

If you're a big guy with messed up shoulders, your shoulders hang off the bench - not fun when you're trying to press.

The floor supports your shoulders. The motion is limiting in regards to range of motion because your elbows can't pass the floor plan.

Of course, some barbell floor pressing is also a good option.


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