June 2017 Exercises

This page is a compilation of Deezify's June 2017 Exercises.

These are not full workouts but are exercises or techniques to add to your workouts.

shoulder exercise: reverse flyes gargoyle


Dumbbell Bent Over Reverse Flyes
4 sets x 8 reps (2-0-1-0) rest 45 seconds
(2 sec lower - 0 - 1 sec lift/flye - 0 )
keep dumbbells inline with shoulders

I keep it old school with rear delts, Dumbbell Reverse Flyes like a G. I do face pulls, rows and pulldowns daily so the rear delts are always hit secondary.

Shoulder Day for me is cut and chisel day since every day is about slapping the mass clay on with compounds. You can't chisel up.

back exercise: rope pulldowns brody


Cable Lat Pulldowns w/Rope To Eyes
4 sets x 10 reps (3-0-1-0) rest 45 seconds
(3 sec lower - 0 - 1 sec lift - 0 )
try to pull the rope apart

BackDay, Ya Buddy. A little lat pulldown variation. First exercise of a giant set, lat pulldown to the eyes.

I still have to get the 2 other ones done. Can you guess the rest? too slow. lol. 1. To eyes. 2. To neck. 3. To chest.

leg exercise: stiff leg dead athena


KB Single Leg Stiff Deadlifts L/R
4 sets x 10 reps (3-0-1-0) rest 45 seconds
(3 sec lower - 0 - 1 sec lift - 0 )
use kettlebells or dumbbells

Stop Reverse Cowgirling that leg abductor machine. It's just not right.

A week on machines makes you weak. Keep it simple. Keep it challenging.

Get off your asses and try and do most of your exercises standing up. Your body will be better for it.

arm superset

A little graphic of one my favorite arm supersets right now.

What's a Superset? It's when you take 2 exercises, different muscle groups, and perform them in succession without resting.

Compound Set is 2 exercises of the same muscle group.

Giant Set is a mix of 3 or more exercises.

I guess this is really a giant set. My brain hurts. Screw it, just do it.

bicep exercise: cable curls gunshow


Cable Double Bicep Curls
4 sets x 10 reps (2-0-1-0) rest 45 seconds
(2 sec lower - 0 - 1 sec lift/curl - 0 )
build up one pin/set to 4 working sets

tricep exercise: tricep extensions with handles bulk


Cable Tricep Extensions With Handles L/R
A1. Underhand 4 sets x 10 reps (2-0-1-0)
A2. Overhand 4 sets x 10 reps (2-0-1-0)
(2 sec lower - 0 - 1 sec lift/extension - 0 )
no rest between A1. & A2.

back exercise: wide lat pulldowns - nutso


Wide Lat Pulldowns
4 sets x 8 reps + drop set - rest 45 seconds
build up to 4 working sets then drop set
drop set = 20% drop/set to failure - no rest

Pull that Sh!t Down. Drop Setting Wide Lat Pulldowns like a G.

Add a drop set to bump up the intensity of a standard exercise.

As you drop the weight, you're recruiting every last bit of muscle fiber possible with each drop.

bicep exercise: rope hammer curls mummy


Laying Cable Hammer Curls w/Rope
4 sets x 8 reps w/extra pump at top
extra ¼ pump contraction at top of each rep
build up to 4 working sets - rest 45 sec

This is my just one hammer curl variation I have in the arsenal.

I like to mix it up with each time I hit biceps. Keep the biceps guessing.

Here are some hammer curl variations I use:
(1) this laying hammer curl with rope,
(2) standing hammer curl with rope or
(3) standing dumbbell hammer curls.

ab exercise: mountain climbers thraex


Mountain Climbers
4 sets x 45 seconds - rest 45 seconds
keep intensity high - alternating feet quickly
add to circuits or superset

An intense exercise you can do anywhere and doesn't require any equipment.

It's a great exercise to finish a giant circuit with. Crank that shit up.

ab exercise: plank rows mummy


Cable Plank Rows w/Handle L/R
4 sets x 8 reps (3-0-2-0) rest 30 sec
(3 sec lower - 0 - 2 sec lift/row - 0)
can substitute with resistance bands

Super Size Your Planks. Planks get boring and easy.

Add something dynamic to your planks. Force your body into difficult situations.

If a cable machine is inconvenient, you can get similar results by using a resistance band.

Loop a resistance band around a sturdy object and plank row away. This option is especially convenient for circuits or supersets.

trap exercise: shrugs trapzilla


Barbell Shrugs
Pyramid Up: 5 reps/set to max
build up using 45lb & 25lb plates - rest 60 sec
Pyramid Down: reps to failure/drop set
no rest between drop sets

This is one of my old Trap workouts. Nothing too fancy, just brutal.

Build yourself up and break yourself down to the ground.

back exercise: dumbbell rows - dr swolez


Dumbbell Bent Over Rows L/R
Run The Rack Up
6± sets x 6 reps - rest 45 secstart
40% max & increase 10lbs/set
build to 3 sets of 6 rep max

This is one of my old school workouts. It's nice to do the fancy shmancy exercises but for size I stick with the basics.

Start with your heavy lifts, deads, chin ups get that back pre-exhausted then heavy is all relative after that.

When you lack equipment resources, you've got to attack things differently.

Don't let what you see as short comings be your downfall. Problems lead to creative solutions.


forearm exercise: hercules hold - broot


Hercules Hold
5 sets x 20 sec hold - rest 60 sec
hold heavy weight for time
sit on bench if required

I am Broot. This Forearm Exercise is pretty simple. It's called the Hercules Hold also known as The Pillars of Hercules in Strongman competition. Hold heavy weight as long as possible to build that grip strength. What? A forearm exercise? lol. Fuck the wrist curls. Hold heavy shit.

Many ways to grip the handles but I chose to display it in the victory pose (V) option because the crucifix (T) option barely had the stack raised. I'm 6 ft (235lb) and I had to sit on a bench (as seen on the 2nd thumbnail image) to get the stack lifted appropriately because of my orangutan-like long arms.

I tried walking back and forward positions but since I was doing most the rack (80-100 pounds each side) it wanted to pull me forward or backward respectively. Sitting down was the best for me. If sitting - use a total weight less than yours, otherwise you'll be lifted.

If you're feeling brave slip in some Lat W-Pulldowns then finish with the Hercules Hold at the end. Furthermore, you can slap some fatgrips on those handles for more challenge.

You can totally play with the set up and weight you use. I'm just the catalyst for your creativity.

barbarian pump bonus


if “Anvil of Crom” is on your playlist +10% more savage gains
epic beats for epic feats

My Top 3 Conan moments are:

1. The "Crush your enemies" speech.

2. Conan pushing the Wheel of Pain.

3. Conan throwing the witch into the fire after the Slippendectomy.

shoulder exercise: shoulder press - bronan


Barbell Shoulder Press
3 sets x 6 reps - rest 60 sec
build up appropriately

Barbell Shoulder Presses to build that shoulder beef. You can't sculpt shit if there's nothing to sculpt. A sculptor adds mounds of clay then molds it or the start with the block of marble and chisel away.

Change the way you think, Barbarian.


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