WOD: Beast Mode

Want To Look Like A Beast... Train Like A Beast

Beast-Mode was a term when I use to do sled pulls at my old gym. It was one of the high points amongst the shit storm. I had some nice training sessions using the sled.

leg workout using sleds, sled pull

My clients and class members had fun too. How many times do you get to pull a whole bunch of weight like a mother-lovin' beast? Not that often. Amazing work capacity (conditioning) exercise. Oh boy were the legs always on fire.

Unfortunately, my current gym doesn’t have one. Been eyeing a Spud Inc carpet sled because my harness is lonely.

A little workout (flash back) I use to do for sled pulls.

WOD: Beast Mode 2015-11-21

A1. Sled Pull w/ harness (Forwards): 40 ft
A2. Sled Pull w/ harness (Backwards): 40 ft

**note: add a 45lb plate each round. Rest 90s. Repeat pulls forward + backwards until sled does not move.

Stay Savage, my friends.

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