WOD: Savage Boulder Shoulders

Shoulder Exercise That Also Works Your Abs

Savage Santa doesn't use the holidays as an excuse to stop working out, so you shouldn't either.

Standing alternating dumbbell shoulder press

My favorite shoulder exercise is the barbell shoulder press (ok, it turns to a push press when it gets really heavy). Standing barbell shoulder presses are usually my first exercise in my workout … but when I use dumbbells, I stand the F up and go full range.

Everybody wants abs but I see them avoid tough exercises and mainly use machines and sit on benches. Umm, yeah you have a weak lower back and weak ass abs because you sit on your fat ass.

Stand up as much as you can when you exercise. The reason that most of the population has gotten fat is because there are more and more desk jobs. People who have jobs where they stand tend to be slimmer than a person who sits at a desk.

Standing up is a vertical plank, go figure. Do as many exercises you can standing up, and watch your abs pop.

Below I've included my go-to dumbbell shoulder press workout. Start with a medium weight and complete 6 reps on each side (with a 3 second negative). Once completed move up 5 pounds on your next set. You perform 3 sets of the weight where as the 6th rep is tough. Lol, the rest is just warm up.

WOD: Savage Boulder Shoulders 2015-12-15

A. 2 DB Alternating Standing Shoulder Press (run the rack): 3+ x 6 (

Stay Savage, my friends.

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