Quad WOD: Quads Forever

Change Your Rep Style For Maximum Growth


First off, i guess last night's quick sketches are well liked probably because of the big fitness potatoes. More sketches and potatoes coming. Potatoes are in abundance. But first my batsie redo.

Overload a muscle to challenge it. Use machines creatively to break through plateaus.

Leg extensions can get boring. Try this technique.

Lift with both limbs (both legs or both arms) then lower with one limb (one leg or one arm).

This technique can also be applied to other machine-based exercises involving 2 limb support such as leg curls, lat rows, lat pulldowns .


1. 2 legs lift (1 second concentric)
2. Pause at top
3. Bring one leg down - 2 leg support to 1 leg support
4. Lower weight with one leg (3 second eccentric)
5. Repeat 10 reps per leg. 4 sets total
6. Finish up with a drop set (4 sets of 20% drops)


leg exercise: leg extensions batman

Quad WOD: Quads Forever

A. Leg Extensions - 2 Up 1 Down L/R: 4 x 10 reps + drop set (3-0-1-0)
- 3 second negatives
- drop set = 4 drops at 20% (that's what I like)


Fitness Potatoes are like weeds, pull one up, another grows in its place filthier and nastier than the last. -Batbro

Stay Savage, my friends.

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