WOD: August Workout Highlights

20 Exercises For The Month of August

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leg exercise: barbell farmer's walk


Double Barbell Farmer's Walk
4 sets x 40ft walks - rest 120 seconds
- load both bars evenly & with clips - lift & walk
- build up gradually to peak set (peak set x4)
- if barbell tips - put both down - lift & continue

This is one of the hardest exercises ever you'll come across.

Not only will the weight challenge you but holding the barbells independently will expose your weaknesses.

Walking with the bars will cause the bars to wobble, dip or slip, which will test your grip - even if you chose to use straps.

If you walk slowly the bars may wobble less but you'll be holding the weight longer - more sum bitch.

If you move too quickly then the barbells will control you - nasty sum bitch.

Be patient. Be strong. But challenge yourself.

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