WOD: February 2017 Exercises

17 Exercises For The Month of February

Bookmark this page for all our February 2017 Workout of the Day workouts. Check in daily for your motivation and inspiration.

These WODs are not intended to be full workouts but as exercises or techniques to add to your existing workouts.

bicep exercise: cable bicep curls - john thick


Single Arm Bicep Curls L/R
4 sets x 8 reps + drop set (2-0-1-0) rest 45 sec
- (2 sec lower - 0 - 1 sec lift/curl - 0)
- drop set = reduce one pin/set all the way down

leg exercise: kettlebell lunges - brawn


Walking Kettlebell Lunges
6 sets x 20 steps (10 steps/leg) rest 45 seconds
- alternate kettlbell support with each set
- long step for glutes & short step for quads
- extra savage: add chains for more weight

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