WOD: July 2017 Exercises

11 Exercises For The Month of July

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These WODs are not intended to be full workouts but as exercises or techniques to add to your existing workouts.

arm exercises: arm superset - thor bulk


A1 Cable Bicep Curls W/Rope - Extra Pump At Top
A2 Cable Tricep Extensions w/Rope - Pull Aparts
4 sets x 10 reps + drop set (2-0-1-0)
- (2 sec lower - 0 - 1 sec lift - 0) rest 60 seconds

Combine & Swole. This is one of my Arm Super Sets. I'll do it solo and sometimes with a friend.

If you're alone, just move the cable up and down to be courteous to others.

If you're with a buddy you can zip through it on each of the sides. Go back and forth. One up & one down.

No rest between A1 & A2. You rest 60 seconds after A2.

Then 5th set is the drop set. I usually drop 20%/set but you can also drop it one pin/set until you have nothing left.


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