WOD: August 2017 Exercises

5 Exercises For The Month of August

Bookmark this page for all our August 2017 Workout of the Day workouts. Check in daily for your motivation and inspiration.

These WODs are not intended to be full workouts but as exercises or techniques to add to your existing workouts.

leg exercise: dumbbell goblet squats spartan


DB Goblet Squats
5 sets x 20 reps rest 60 seconds
dumbbell above waist engages more core
can be substituted with a kettlebell

Let them Burn. Not 300 but 100 reps should do the trick.

That 100 rep is a woozy. It's the sweet spot for kettlebell training.

Volume and work especially with manageable weight.

If you're new to squatting with a barbell then get your work in with the goblet squat.

You'll learn to sit into your hips and proper spine positioning.

Oh and sweat like a MoFo.


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