WORKOUT: 4 Exercise Fix - Biceps

4 Bicep Exercises For Tremendous Bulging Biceps

I always keep these exercises as my bicep staples. Will try and do a bicep exercise as my finisher everyday. But on Fridays it’s Gun Show time and I'll whip them all out. Mix them up. Sprinkle a lil’ tricep sum b!tch exercise on top. BAM! If you notice we’re hitting the biceps from all angles and various speeds.

4 exercises for your bicep workout

4 Exercise Fix: BICEPS

A. 2 DB Alternating Bicep Curls (run the rack– 5lbs up and down): 8+ x 5 reps (
*build up to your max weight for 5 reps then drop set all the way down

B. Cable Bicep Curls w/ handles L/R (palms up – 3sec lower): 4 x 8 reps + drop set (

C. Preacher Bench DB Hammer Curls w/ 2 pump contraction at top: 5 x 8 reps (

D. BB Bicep Curls 3-way superset (reverse, wide, narrow): 3 x 10 reps (

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