WORKOUT: 9 Stages of Hell 3

Burn Fat Fast With This 9 Exercise Circuit

9 Weight Plate Exercises you can use during your workouts. Run a big circuit for fat burning benefits or add as filler exercises in between exercises. 25lb (for women) and 45lb (for men) plates work best.
Change your tempo (slow negatives) to make the exercise harder .

No excuses. Enjoy.

9 Stages of Hell circuit training with weight plate

Workout: 9 Stages of Hell #3 – Plate Edition

Workout Program:

A. Overhead Squat
B. Lunges
C. Chest Press w/ tension
D. Shoulder Front Raise
E. Shoulder Press
F. Bicep Curl
G. Tricep Extensions
H. Ribbons
I. Coffin Sit Ups Work


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