Workout: Leg Day Circuit 1

The Most Efficient Leg Workout

Gypsy, give me your tears. First off, way too much booty today at the gym to concentrate. Research and development.

wod 2016 leg day circuit 1

I've taught 1000s of classes, trained 100s of clients, men and women. The main difference between men and women in the gym usually comes down to priority. So, my illustrated workout is focused on Legs and Glutes, based on some of the HIIT circuits I ran in class.

I keep it simple to 4 exercises, easy to remember and to perform. Use these as staples. You can perform these anywhere... even with body weight. Remember, the weight should be challenging, follow the tempo and rest periods suggested.

You can perform this workout several times a week however change something each workout eg: increase tempo, increase weight, change the order of the exercises etc. Your body can adapt quite quickly if you don't challenge yourself.

In this circuit, I recommend working for time, this way you are not cheating with your reps. In class, I couldn't count reps for everyone and people would lie they completed 8 reps. Sneaky. Timed sets force you to work until the buzzer. 45 seconds of work is 45 seconds of work, 8 slow reps is different than 8 quick reps.

Put the work in. It's not rocket science. Be patient. If you push it... it will grow. If i put this much effort in illustrating workouts maybe trust me just a wee bit.

If you want your favorite workouts illustrated for friends tag me @deezify on instagram and hashtag #DeezifyMe send me your workout, you may even get immortalized. Always looking for suggestions and a shout out.


Circuit: 4 Sets;  Total Time 28Min
45 seconds (s) of work/ set - 15 s of rest/ set -60 s rest/ circuit

A1. Dumbbell (DB) Squats: 4s negatives (lower) - hold weight above waist
A2. DB Single Leg Deadlift L/R: 4s negatives
A3. DB Walking Lunges: or standing alternating lunges
A4. DB Bulgarian Split Squat L/R: 4s negatives - to target glutes use long footprint

Stay Savage, my big booty friends.

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