Workout: Shoulder Smackdown

Finally... You Can Build Some Big Shoulders

Finally... The BROck Has Come Back To Layeth The Shoulder Smackdown. Start strong and end with a bang.

rock shoulder smackdown - shoulder day workout

This workout is based on an old shoulder workout i use to do 10 years ago.

The Side Lateral Raises - Pyramid Up - Pyramid Down will test your testicular fortitude.

Use dumbbells 5lbs apart (eg: 20, 25, 30lbs) or if you're a monster 10lb jumps (eg: 20, 30, 40lbs).

Have them set up by your feet.

Pick up the lightest weight and perform 5 reps. Put down one set and pick up the next, another 5 reps, and repeat, building up. Rest 60s.

Now start with the heaviest and rep it down to the lightest.

At the end the savage god of shoulders shall send you an enormous pump.

Workout: Shoulder Smackdown

A.    Barbell Shoulder Press: 5 x 8 reps (approx 10 rep max)
5 working sets of the same weight - 60s rest
B.    Dumbbell Bent Over Reverse Flyes: 4 x 10 reps
3 second eccentric
C. Dumbbell Side Lateral Raises (pyramid up - pyramid down): 6 x 5, 5, 5 reps (light, med, heavy)
1st set pyramid up: light, med, heavy dbs
2nd set pyramid down: heavy, med, light dbs
5lb increases (eg: 25lb, 30lb, 35lb)
make every rep count

Stay Savage, my friends.

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