Back Workout: Back Day 300

Are You Ready for 300 reps?

Sometimes you need to shock the system. Earn the Respect and Honor.

wod 2016 back day 300

Think of your body and now split it into segments.

Your chest only makes up about 10% of your whole body while your back takes up 25% of your whole body.

So why does everyone spend so much time on chest? You should be doubling up your back workout volume vs chest.

Today... you're going to get work done. This was based on yesterday's workout and before i did it i got in my 3 x 6 shoulder presses, deadlifts and bench presses. So don't be soft.

Workout: Back Day - 300

A. Chin Ups/Pull Ups: 100 total rep
- vary your grip
B. Lat Pulldowns - wide grip: 10 x 10 reps
- rest only 30 seconds
C. Seated Lat Rows - w/ v-handle: 10 x 10 reps
- rest only 30 seconds

Stay Savage, my friends.

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