Leg Workout: Spartan Leg Day

This Is Where We Squat

Savage Mind

Is there that one perfect program? No.

Any program will work for 6-8 weeks but guess what? Your sneaky body will adapt. What do you do next?

I know what I do to keep moving forward. It's chasing that challenge. Yes i will use various methods to do so, some savage magic. Don't you worry gypsies, us savages have magic too, called science.

If you're not chasing something then you're just dying. Progression or regression.

Savage Body

Leg Workout - Spartan Leg Day

Spartan LegDay Workout

A. Barbell Squats: 5 x 8 reps
B. Leg Press - 1½ reps: 5 x 10 reps
C1. Leg Extensions - 2 Up 1 Down: 4 x 10 reps (
C1. Laying Leg Curls: 4 x 10 reps (

Savage Soul

Chase your dragon.
You must stay on the trail.
You must grind and master your slaying techniques.
You must learn new techniques.
You must train your mind.
And then, maybe if you are lucky, Slay your dragon.
But wait... it's not over.
There will be always be a bigger dragon to chase and slay, for when the savage loses it's hunger for the chase he is truly soft and dead.

When I design workouts, and illustrate exercises on my site and instagram i never claim it's that one perfect workout.

My goal is to simply use my art and knowledge as a means to spark something inside of you... provide you with a good one-off workout, a smile, maybe pass some knowledge, perspective or just maybe find a little church in the iron.

As for the caricatures, my Brothletes, they're as real as what you see out there my savages.

Be an asshole and demand more from your false savage fitness idols.

Stay Savage, my friends.

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