Shoulder Workout: Infinity Boulders

The Heavens Need Your Shouldery Help

Savage Mind

The only difference between a hero and villain is their conviction.

Your purpose is different than my purpose.

Don't let others influence your purpose - they are the squashers of dreams.

The universe is yours. Actually, it's mine but you can have a small piece, for I am kind.

How about you work on your shoulders, pussy.

Since I am kind. I thought I'd offer up one of my delt burnin', shoulder buildin', the gypsies will look twice 'cause the shoulders look so nice - giant set.

I recommend starting your workout with a good compound shoulder exercise before starting this giant set of shoulders.

As always, I provide my recommendations but it's your workout. Make it yours.

Savage Body

shoulder workout: infinity boulders thanos

Shoulder Giant Set: Infinity Boulders

4 sets x 6 reps or failure
A1. Db Shoulder Y-Press
A2. Db Side Lateral Raises
A3. Db Bent Over Reverse Flyes
A4. Db Front Raises
-2 second negatives -same dumbbells for all exercises
-no rest between sets - adjust tempo for challenge

Savage Soul

If you want to press the heavens you're going to need big ass shoulders.

Stay Savage, my friends.

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