Full Body Workout: Valhalla Circuit

Kick Start The Fat Burning Process

Savage Mind

Cardio is a lazy ass excuse for not working.

If your city was being invaded how the hell would cardio training help you? oh yeah. You'd run away like a chicken.

Guess what? Eventually, you tire out and will be murdered anyways.

Train to do work. Failing in battle is way more honorable.

You want to run and look like chicken? Go ahead.

Or would you rather work, train, fight and look like a savage? Damn straight.

It's all in the way you think.

If you're doing cardio because you're trying to look a certain way then keep sticking yourself with needles and popping pills. Stop listening to propaganda.

I never understood why someone would go to the gym to go on a treadmill for 60 minutes. Ridiculous hamsters.

You want to lean out? Eat cleaner and bust your ass with some work capacity workouts.

This post is a little ol' ass kicking circuit based on circuits I use to run in class.

Get in your work capacity workout and a good "shweat" on. Leave the cardio in the 1980s with the leg warmers.

I recommend getting your big compounds in first then finishing off with this little circuit.

Hinge, push, pull, core. Bam!

Savage Body

kettlebell workout: valhalla circuit odin

Full Body Workout: Valhalla Circuit

60 Seconds/Set X 4 Sets
A1. Kettlebell Squats (Above Waist)
A2. Push Ups
A3. KB Alternating Rows
A4. KB Russian Twists
- complete A1, A2, A3, A4 then rest 60 seconds
- use kettlebells or dumbbells
- if you fail, rest until next exercise

Savage Soul

If you want to look like an animal - then train like that animal. A wild cat doesn't run for fun... it sprints to kill.

Stay Savage, my friends.

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