Leg Circuit: Olympian Glutey Duty

Tighten Up Those Legs & Build A Booty

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It's Mythology Month and there's always a demand for Booty workouts, I thought I'd illustrate a fail-safe leg workout.

An instagram follower suggested Athena as a mythological  inspiration. So Athena plus Leg Day plus Booty = This epic post.

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This workout is tried and tested. It's a little snippet from my old strength classes and always was an ass kicker. Whether it was the 10 ladies being punished in class or male clients who thought they were bad asses - it worked.

This leg circuit involves a lot of single leg challenge so prepare to work. The deadlifts at the end is to finish strong and grind out.

These exercises should be staples for anyone working that ass and legs. Take a step away from the machines and work legs on your feet.

The best part is you have to active a lot of core because of the 1 leg balance exercises.

I recommend using 2 kettlebells or 2 dumbbells totalling at least Women=30lbs+; Men: 50lbs+.

Savage Body

leg workout: single leg deadlift athena

Leg Circuit: Olympian Glutey Duty

60 Seconds/Set X 4 Sets
A1. Kb Single Stiff Leg Deadlifts L/R
A2. Kb Bulgarian Split Squats L/R
A3. Kb Deadlifts
-3 second negatives
- if you fail rest until next exercise
- complete a1(l), a1(r), a2(l), a2(r), a3 - rest 60s
- use same kettlebells (kb) or dumbbells
- use a timer w/ buzzer (or 10 reps)

Savage Soul

Round booties make me happy. The universe is kind.

Stay Savage, my friends.

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