Chest Workout: Battle Chest

Get Your Battle Chest Ready


Like Superman, when you have superpowers, it's a waste not to use them... and use them for good.

So here ya go. SHAZAM!

This is a past Chest Workout. Fully tested and Savage approved.

Start with the granddaddy lift first, the big bad Bench Press.

A. Build that explosive power while you're fresh.

B. Follow that up with a some incline Chest Flyes and Presses. Adjust the bench 15°-30° to target the upper pecs. Perform the flyes first because they're harder than presses because you'll be using the same weight for both exercises.

C. Some volume work with the Hammer Strength Chest Press with something I call dirty 30s (a variation of 21s). Hammer Strength machines help work each side independent of the other.

D. Cable Chest Flyes at various angles. People just don't do enough flyes.

E. Negative Chest Dips to finish it off. Total control because it's just scarier.


chest workout: bench, chest flyes, dips - Ares

Chest Workout: BATTLE CHEST

A. Bench Press - Power: 3 sets x 6 reps
- warm up & build up weight - rest 60 seconds
B. DB Incline 15°-30° Chest Flyes & Presses: 4 sets x 8² reps (2-0-1-0)
- 2 second negatives
- 8 flyes (b1) then 8 presses (b2) then rest 45 seconds
C. Hammer Strength Chest Press - Dirty 30s: 4 sets x 10³ reps
- rest 60 seconds
- 1 set = 10 top half + 10 bottom half + 10 full reps
D. Cable Chest Flyes - 3 Way: 3 sets x 8³ reps (3-0-1-0)
- 3 second negatives - rest 60 seconds
- (D1) Vertical, (D2) Low & (D3) Bent Over Chest Flyes
E. Chest Dips - Negative Only: 3 sets x 5 reps (8-0-0-0)
- step up in position & lower yourself slowly for 8 seconds/ rep


A Savage Man will do the right thing all the time. He doesn't fear the masses.

Stay Savage, my friends.

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