Back Workout: Heavy Back Barbell Attack

What Would Break First... Your Spirit, Or Your Body?


So a Savage Follower asked on Saturday for a Heavy Barbell Back Workout. Let the games begin.

I pulled some of my favorite back barbell exercises into this back extravaganza.

You know it's good when after the 3rd exercise you have to go to the washroom with the butt squirts.

I warn you to eat 2 hours prior to this workout. Otherwise, the toilet will taste the Contra spreader gun.

A tight belt, bent over position, heavy deads and rows will cause some stomach excitations. Empty your tank prior.

This was my real workout. Do what you like but this always natty, 41 yr old savage MFer responds well to work to make gains.

Don't be afraid to work. It's just as much of a mental workout than a physical one. It's fuckin' Savage church.

Open your ears but you decide what you like and don't like. What's going to get you coming back. It's your gospel.

Chase the Challenge, Be Savage and Filter all the pro & propaganda Bull Shit.

Thank you to the Savage Horde followers. Going to deliver fitness content that truthfully no one else is doing or can do. Experience and skill that's what makes each of us unique.

This is a one-off workout as most of the stuff I do is. But down the road I'm planning to put out 2-3 month programs with some proper progression and periodization. Stay tuned.

And always feel free to ask questions and let me know if you try it out.


back workout: barbell back workout with bane


A. Barbell Deadlifts: 3 x 2 reps
- build up with 5 reps to your 2 rep max
B1. Barbell Bent Over Rows: 4 x 5 reps
B2. Barbell Reg Park Deadlifts: 4 x 5 reps
- use same weight with no rest between B1 & B2
- if you cannot grasp edge of plates then use a wide barbell grip
C. Barbell High Pulls Snatch Grip: 5 x 6 reps
- rest 60 seconds
D. Chest Supported Barbell Rows: 4 x 8 (slow) + 8 reps
- 1st 8 reps with 3 second negatives & finish with 8 quick reps
E. Pull Ups: 100 total reps
- pull ups & chin ups any rep range and rest time


Be the best today, Savage MFer.

Stay Savage, my friends.

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