Butt Workout: Apple Bottom Hieney

Free Weight Leg Attack To Build That Booty


Wanted to do something for the savage women that follow that want to work on their hieney.

I know hieney, I trained many a clients, one on one and via class format. And guess what?

No, I don't have booty implants, wear pizza shirts (duh) or reverse cowgirl the adductor machine (stupidest exercise ever - booty implant escort nonsense).

Get down to the basics and keep it real and intense.

You can substitute with dumbbells, you can unilaterally load (use one kettlebell or dumbbell), you can change tempo and order.

It's limitless the combinations. The best part of the circuit is that you're not sitting down in a machine.

Move your ass if you want to shape that ass.


leg workout: apple bottom hieney with gypsy


60 seconds/set x 4 sets
A1. Kettlebell (Kb) Squats
A2. Kb Stiff Single Leg Deadlifts L/R
A3. Kb Walking Lunges
A4. Kb Bulgarian Split Squats L/R
- 3 second negatives - if you fail rest until next exercise
- complete A1, A2(L), A2(R), A3, A4(L), A4(R) - rest 60s
- use same kettlebells (kb) or dumbbells
- use a timer w/ buzzer (or 10 reps)


Is it wrong to make fart sounds when your lady friends squat? I think not.

Stay Savage, my friends.

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