Leg Workout: Quad City Bitch 2

Blast Those Stubborn Quadriceps Jack


So Quad City Bitch is back. I'd recommend starting off with some squats.

Unfortunately, in a lot of gyms, you've got to take a number for the squat rack.

Sometimes when you're Savage enough they don't ask you how many sets you have left and just lurk in the background.

So here's a nice quad focused workout. The emphasis is the front of your legs, as noted in the illustration as always.

Exercise A: The Barbell Hack Squat
This hack squat variation is an old school exercise that primarily hits the quads because of it's positioning in relation to your body.
You can say it's sort of a deadlift but it's an exercise you have to try.
I like to start my workouts with big compound exercises rather than machines.

Exercise B: Leg Press - 1 1/2 Reps
Remember what I just said about machines? Well, when I use machines I will use them to my advantage or disadvantage.
So the use the 1 1/2 rep method just kicks up the intensity by performing a half rep (from the bottom to mid point of a full rep) then one full rep.
You'll be doing that extra half rep at the hardest part of the exercise.

Exercise C: Leg Extensions - 2 Up 1 Down L/R
Take the conventional leg extension to new levels by using the 2 up 1 down method.
Use 2 legs to lift the weight up and then slowly lower the weight with one leg.
The key here is to use a weight which you could not lift with 1 leg.


quad workout: quad city 2


A.    Barbell Hack Squat: 4 sets x 6 reps
- start lift from floor - hand grip behind legs

B.    Leg Press - 1 1/2 Reps: 4 sets x 10 reps
- complete 1/2 rep (bottom to mid) then 1 full rep = 1 rep

C.    Leg Extensions - 2 Up 1 Down L/R: 4 sets x 8 reps
- lift with both legs and lower with one leg for 3 seconds



The Savage with the biggest ass moves the biggest mountains.

Stay Savage, my friends.

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