Back Workout: Back Day 300

Build Your Back With Savage Volume


Sometimes the most Savagest things are the simplest things.

Just shut up and work.

This is a simple 300 rep back routine. Pulling in different planes.

Those 10 reps should be tough. You'll be using that 10 rep weight for all those 10 sets.


back workout: pull ups, pulldowns & rows


A. Pull Ups (And/Or Chin Ups) 100 total reps
- use any rep/ set/ rest combinations as needed

B. Lat Pulldowns Underhand Narrow Grip: 10 reps x 10 sets
- rest 30 seconds only

C. Seated Lat Rows with V-Handle: 10 reps x 10 sets
- rest 30 seconds only


Q1. That's only a third of my back workout. Why are you only doing one third of my back workout and more Savage than me?

A2. Well Bruh, you probably only work back once a week. If I told you to not use your feet tomorrow would you do that because a muscle magazine told you?
I train back everyday. Sometimes it's 2 movements, sometimes it's more. Your back is a quarter of your body and full of muscles which recover quickly.

My style of training is mainly full body based utilizing big compound lifts first and accessory lifts afterwards.

If you're really hitting a body part hard you don't need 9 exercises for one body part. If you're on your 9th exercise for back (or chest) then those 8 exercises prior probably didn't do shit and you went too light.

Q2. Is this Back Workout one of your complete back day workouts? Or just a portion of your full back routine?

A2. The answer is both. Those movements I will use as a base. This was actually a full Back Workout blast I performed on a Saturday. I was tight on time and decided to up the intensity. So yes on that day it was a complete Back Workout. But you realize I do back everyday, a little "sumthin sumthin" everyday.

But I will take the exact same exercises but reduce the reps, go heavier etc. and I have a good base for the start of a back workout. I can add more accessories such as cable face pulls or some one arm movements.

Remember also that it's difficult to slap too many exercises and instructions on one illustration. It just gets hard to read. But I will be setting up complete programs in the future. Stay tuned.

Q3. Very high volume here. Are we meant to go till failure on each set?

A3. Failure should be that weight you found difficult for 10 reps.

First, warm up and estimate a challenging rowing weight. If you find 150lbs for 10 complete reps difficult, you would use 150 for all 10 sets.

If you start to fail and your rep numbers drop that is fine.

This will build your muscular endurance. You'll see how you taper in reps based on fatigue.

But you will grow, Savage.


Savages, what do we do? LIFT! LIFT! LIFT!

Stay Savage, my friends.

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