Workout: Freestyle Sat May 20

My Workout Step by Step Guide

I'm introducing a Full Workout Series with step by step instructions and commentary.

You will be introduced to the exercises I performed, why I chose them, my warm-ups, and training philosophies.

This page will continue to be edited until all illustrations are completed.

First, it was less than 18 hours since last night's (Friday night) workout.

Yesterday, (Friday night) was mainly Arm day but I performed some slow stiff legged deadlifts and hip thrusts. I felt it today.

So first a quick low back warm-up with back extensions.

back exercise: back extensions swoleesi


A. Back Extensions [warm-up]
5 sets x 20 reps

Saturday starts with my big boy homework first and then some freestyle based on what I did during the week.

So I've started my Summer volume plan (periodizing my big lifts). Increasing reps and decreasing weight, just a wee bit. Shock my body.

Giving my CNS (central nervous system) a break from heavy low reps for a month or so and then build up.

leg exercise: barbell sumo deadlifts skelebro


B. Barbell Deadlifts (Sumo)
4 sets x 10 reps, rest 60-90 seconds
- warm up & build up to 4 working sets
- sumo or conventional - approx 12 rep max

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