Workout: Freestyle Sat May 20

I'm was planning to bench so I went to one of my bench warm-up supersets.

My triceps are often tight and noticed it while I performed a pull up.

So here's what and why I do what I do. Pump some blood flow and activate the triceps so they are ready to fire up when benching.

tricep warm-up: tri ext warmup bulk


C1. Cable Tricep Extensions Compound Set
5 sets x 12,12 reps (outward & downward)
- use approx 30% resistance - light weight
- perform prior to bench to warm up triceps

Start some pull up/chin ups to warm up my back muscles.

Having the back muscles jacked up will give you a solid platform on the bench, it's the supportive chest antagonist (opposite) muscle.

Furthermore, when you perform a back exercise you are essentially dynamically stretching your chest muscles. Whoa. lol.

So I went back and forth with tricep extensions and pull ups, approx 5-6 sets.

back exercise: pullup justice bros


C2. Pull Ups/ Chin Ups
5 sets x 10 reps (50 total reps)

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