Circuit Training Workouts

Collection of Circuit Training Workouts

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Add these workouts at the end of your workouts, take a couple and build a full workout, or use them for inspiration to build your own.

circuit training workout: full body blitz


Circuit Style: 4 sets x 45 sec/set + rest 60 sec
1. DB Alterating Shoulder Presses
2. KB (or DB) Walking Lunges - Long Stride
3. DB (or KB) Goblet Squats
4. KB (or DB) Alternating Bent Over Rows

Circuit Time for the Shreddin'. If you need a little finisher circuit.

If you want to mix it up. Or just a couple of new ideas to inspire your own workouts.

Tried a new format for a Circuit card. Just experimenting.

Some people have requested more circuit workouts. More to follow.

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