Book of Savage Workouts

Exerpts From My Workout Journal

These are exerpts from my real workouts. I'll pull workouts from past and present to teach, inspire & motivate the horde.

Complete these workouts or put workouts together to create your own. Sharing is caring.

back workout: latissimus 8:3


A  BB Deadlifts (Sumo) 3 sets x 2 reps
B1  BB Bent Over Rows 4 sets x 5 reps
B2  BB Reg Park Deadlifts 4 sets x 5 reps
use same weight with no rest in between B1 & B2
C  BB High Pulls Snatch Grip 5 sets x 6 reps
D  Chest Supported BB Rows 4 sets x 20 reps
E  Pull Ups (& Or Chin Ups) 100 total reps
*   adequate warm-up & 60 second rest periods

“What Breaks First? Your Spirit Or Your Body?”

No client work. No bro distractions. No gypsy delights.

Just a daily workout. Eat. Shit & Work, Work, Work until my eyes hurt.

Broken like Batman.

Blinders on. Focus b!tch. Get shit done, Gladys.

Enjoy this past workout - hopefully a couple of ideas or motivation.

Be forewarned - your back will be flared out like a MFn' King Cobra, a hefty dose of Invisible Lat Syndrome and probably some extra back hair growth. You're welcome. lol.

Brought to you by the Book Of Savage.

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