About Deezify


My name is Fil Ruberto. Welcome to Deezify.com my little monster. The best way to describe it is fitness illustrated, literally.


What does "Deezify" mean? Its origins start with the young bros. At the gym they would ask me "Bro, how can I get Deezed like you?" Deez, Deezed, meaning Diesel as in swole, yoked, jacked, pumped, big, strong and savage.


This is not your ordinary fitness website. The site is a potpourri of fitness, illustration and pop culture. They say you become an expert after doing something for over 10,000 hrs. I sure have put in my time. Now that I'm 40+, it's time to share, inspire, motivate and educate the masses… in my own unique way.


A little bit about myself that may be difficult to deduce by surfing the website:

• At 19 years of age I weighed 135lbs, today at 40 I've gone up to 240lbs of muscle naturally.
• I have a University degree in Architectural Science. My thesis was the design of a fitness center.
• Worked several years in the architecture industry mainly writing health and safety reports for 100s of commercial buildings.
• Online entrepreneur designing web sites and building content management systems and marketing strategies.
• CANFITPRO Personal Trainer Specialist, Fitness Instructor Specialist, Kettlebell Instructor & certified in ViPR, BOSU Ball, SMRT (foam rolling).
• Trained 100s of clients from age 13 - 70, 100s of fitness assessments, instructed over 600 group classes from 2-20 persons.
• Over 20 years of natural bodybuilding workout and fitness experience.
• Online coach, mentor, entrepreneur and artist. The workout artist.


Learning never stops. Those who assume to know everything are doomed. Become a sponge. Today, I'm bigger, stronger and smarter than I was 20 years ago. One of the most gratifying things one can do is to help others build up their confidence through inspiration, motivation and education. If you can make them smile that's pretty good too.

Deezify.com is here to help you on your own fitness adventure.


Fil (Deezify)